Kaishin is a restaurant serving clam dishes and sake in Fushimi, Nagoya. We welcome you with the highest quality natural clams from Kuwana.

Our clams are natural Kuwana ones that the restaurant owner auctions off directly at the fishing port.
We prepare and serve the clams that are landed every day in the morning,
so please make a reservation in advance.

Shabu-shabu of natural clams from Kuwana

Shabu-shabu is the best way to enjoy the original taste of clam itself.
The natural clams from Kuwana are so fresh that you can eat them as sashimi (raw shellfish).
Enjoy it with our special soup stock.

Clam Sake

Our special large clams are carefully sun-dried, one by one, and then roasted and boiled in hot sake. The matured flavor of the clams is absorbed into the sake, making it even more delicious.

Other recommended dishes

A variety of skewers, sashimi, and other dishes are served seasonally to enjoy the finest ingredients.

Shigure-ni (Ginger-Simmered Food in Sweetened Soy Sauce) from Kaishin Shoten

Only the finest clams are carefully selected and gently seasoned to bring out their best flavor. It is finished with our special soy sauce without using any chemical seasonings or preservatives.

Available as a souvenir or gift (freshness date is about 7 days). Please contact us in advance to prepare.